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I say the memory of you

I feel the floor under my feet

Tearing apart and I go through 

Cause the time’s going so so fast

And my head remains down there in the past

I would cut myself my head off

To forget you

To forget you 

Cause I know there’s something wrong

And I know it been too long

I use to sing that stupid song

But my heart there belong

And I still love you 

     How to live with it

I say the memory of you

I see the dark of an endless pit

Aging all things that could be new


Your shadow is still waving next to mine

And never fades away cause there’s no sunshine

I would rip myself my mind out

To forget you

To forget you 

Cause at each one of my foot step

There’s a thing I have to expect

And this thing is not that great

It has shape of regret

And I still love you 

     How to live with it

I say the memory of you

When I’m walking down the street

You walk to another rendez vous 

Like some water you just flowed from hands

Under the heavy rain there I stand

I would burn myself my mouth up

To forget you

To forget you 

Cause when the sky is getting clear

Out of the distance then they’ll appear

The loaded clouds I fear

They’ll unload your souvenir

How to forget you

      How to live with it

I say the memory of you

With silent cries I do admit

That I should have never left you 

Cause since your gone I fell so alone

I’m the solitude’s king with a broken throne

I would sell my soul to the devil

To forget you

To forget you 

Cause it’s even easier for me

To erase you of my memory

Than trying to be happy

I tried already

I tried uselessly

Cause you’re a part of me 

But I know soon my time will come

I will find at night a fresh new woman 

I will bring her down to the pit’s bottom

And show her how I perform 

A good rape in the hole of her bottom

A good love story I have to recon  

Concerning to me it’s quite seldom

Some say I m a dumb but there’s no problem 

If I can forget my very last rectum

I will write a poem on my good old Belgium 

The country where you can easily have some fun

You can even take time to put a condom 

Just because they focus on a single stupid problem

Here they say you are not welcome 

To their own brothers let’s talk ‘bout wisdom

This place is handsome come here and get fun!

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